lead article 2



this is the lead article because it is time to explain to the individual the effects of their decisions


the reader has to assess the points below for her/himself and then decide if she/he wants to become involved in what's happening




this is the last time this website will ask for your cooperation


it is assumed the reason for not cooperating is because you fear repercussions


there is a simple way to remain anonymous... buy a cheap throw-away sim card and text the url/url's asked for further down the page to this mobile phone number 07847284316


no one will know who sent it


26042018 - week 1: no response




first point


this way of doing things is you-know-who's way of doing things and is completely free of unnatural death


every other way of doing things contains unnatural death to one degree or another


not doing things this way means the person is accepting unnatural death will occur




second point


it takes but one second for an individual to change the course of his/her destiny



third point




every action an individual initiates is repeated endlessly




an individual who responds to the request below will do the same thing in the next undulation and it is what she or he did in the last undulation


it will become a trend which will continue into eternity


in a million undulations from now, the request will different but the people who responded to the request in this undulation will be the same people who respond to the request a million undulations hence


people who don't respond to the request didn't respond to it in the last undulation nor will he or she respond in a future undulation


the request


first, read the dream of 09022018


then search the internet for the following bit of information...


where did the species of goldfish in the dream originate ?


when you find out send the url to me at the phone number given


that's it !


you've cemented yourself into the future




it must be the case that this applies to those who have committed murder