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a precognitive dream is the timeless-conscious drawing from the experiences of the past


there is no experience, there is no set of circumstances, there is nothing that can happen, either desirable or undesirable, that has not happened in a previous undulation


all the variables that reality can contain throughout the entire cycle-time of the universe had to be factored into the evolutionary process to ensure that there was nothing which could produce anything other than the desired outcome of beings achieving fulfilment


the mechanical nature of the undulatory process means that the mathematical function of 1 x 1 will be able to function for evermore with the assurance it will always succeed!


everything you have ever experienced or will experience has not only happened before but will happen over and over again for all undulations to come


there is a variable but the worst extremes that an come from that variable have been nullified through his terrible love


the variable is the person's response to the truth (the knowledge being presented by this website)


an individual's response to the truth will either increase or decrease the quantity and quality of life


although both the extremes of desirable and undesirable things that can happen have already been experienced in previous undulations an increase in the quantity of desirable experiences is occurring as the result of acts of collective love


this increase in the quantity of the quality of experience is completely new to the individual and love/life in its entirety

conversely, those who are unable to live without killing others are, little by little, unravelling their capacity to form into a man-shaped being


indeed, the lover sees fit to extend to them as great a quantity of life/death as is permissible without the train being derailed

beings who have chosen to live a lifestyle that has a death-outcome reality for others are digging their own graves, and keep to the forefront of your thinking the fact, they chose it


taking into account the variable mentioned, precognition exists in dreams and come to the conscious minds to enhance and warn us


it is noteworthy that all

time-conscious precognitions that this website knows of are warnings


warnings come through to us in dreams with the sole purpose of giving us the means to avoid them


it would be foolish of us not to take notice of them




the writer's precognitive dreams began in his late teens


first was a plane crash with the loss of many lives


it was thought to be a coincidence but it stayed in the memory


the second in the mid to late 1960's was the images of oriental faces in great sorrow with the rubble of buildings extending kilometres into the distance


it was the night before one of china's worst earthquakes


the third, in 1972, was while on the way to work one morning


the driver and the surrounding buildings triggered the memory of the previous night's dream


i turned to the driver and said "last night i dreamt we were driving to work and in the dream, i turned to you and said you've left the handbrake on"

the driver looked down and i followed his gaze and were more than just a bit surprised to see the handbrake was on


the fourth was in 1974

it was a helicopter crash with loss of life


a two-week stint as a labourer on an oil rig had come to an end and we were due to be helicoptered to the mainland

the helicopter didn't crash but i was curious


bought a newspaper and scanned through it and sure enough a fatal helicopter crash with the loss of seven or more lives had occurred


the fifth was in 2007


the writer went to a shop a shop to pick up an item he had ordered a few days before

the shop assistant became more and more flustered when he couldn't find an accompanying item which went with the main item


as the writer watched the salesman becoming irate it triggered the memory of the previous night's dream of the salesman behind a counter in an agitated state looking for something


i mentioned the dream to the salesman


i'm not sure if it relaxed the salesman but he found a second or two later


the last time it happened was in 2008


it was while cooking a meal


as i was about to put a piece of fish into a frying pan it triggered the memory of the previous nights dream, when, in the exact same surroundings, an item of food was placed into a frying pan and the fat energetically boiled over


at first, i thought not to take any notice of the dream as it seemed to me that it would be taking things too far if i began on acting on my dreams


then on second thoughts i gave in to my sense of caution knowing that if nothing happened i had crossed the line of reasonable behaviour


so, resevredly, and at arms length, i placed the food into the pan


the amount of oil that jumped ut of the pan wasn't as much as there was in the dream but it was still enough to have made a visit to the hospital necessary


so that's three dreams which didn't involve the writer and three that did


the writer believes that the reason why these dreams have happened to him is to give him credibility so that when he has a dream about something which has major ramifications he will be taken seriously


now that dream theory is subject to public scrutiny it should start a trend that makes taking precognitive dreams seriously an acceptable point of view


see also Precognitive Determinism