precognitive dreams




precognitive dreams


a precognitive dream is the mind/brain drawing from the experiences of past Undulations


precognitive dreams are the dreams that perplex everyone


there is no experience, there are no set of circumstances, there is nothing that can happen, either desirable or undesirable, that has not already happened throughout the entire length of an undulation in previous undulations


all the variables that reality can contain had to be "woven" into the fabric of reality so that nothing was left to chance


it was necessary to do this so that people who chose to go to heaven could not be thwarted by those who had chose not to


everything you have experienced, are experiencing or will experience has not only happened before but is destined to happen over and over again, throughout the duration of a Love-Length for all undulations to come


there is a variable but the worst of the things which can come from the extremes of that variable have been contained


the variable is the person's response to the truth


an individual's response to the truth will either increase the quality and quantity of more-life outcome realities or it will decrease the quality and quantity of life-outcome realities


although the qualitative aspect of life has been experienced before an increase in the quantitative variable is completely new to love-life, eternity and the person or persons who choose an endless existence (see Ethical Parameters)


the difference is that the worst thing that can happen has already happened and the best thing that can happen is an open-ended scenario


precognitive dreams and precognitive experiences are, in the writer's experience, there to produce insights into events that have happened before in previous undulations and which could happen again, are undesirable, and can be avoided




time-tense 1, 2, 4


qod 4.4


qos 4








was thinking about he-whose-name-you-dare-not-speak and how his femininity comes through in women




a young girl i spoke to on the bus a couple of weeks ago


notes 1


because my recovery back to mobility is a long process i am acutely aware of the slightest improvement which causes feelings of jubilation and in turn gets blown out of all proportion in dreams


notes 2


femininity can be seen as the biological mechanism through which love/life implements eternity's command to increase endlessly


the beauty in this dream epitomises love/life's multiplicative nature in mammal man-shaped beings


notes 3


the young girl on the bus is the plain beauty in the dream


since that brief encounter i have realised it was an opportunity lost to implement an idea from more than a year ago


yesterday it was prominent in my thoughts and i resolved not to let a chance like that pass by again


if the young girl should read this...


other notes


there were three stand-out moments in this dream


the beauty, the plain beauty and the opening sequence


with the exceptionof the "fade-out" at the end of the dream, which was about one-tenth of the whole dream, it was all stand-out


it was while wondering what women in the far-off future will be like it occurred to me that i haven't yet had a dream that takes place in space


get ready for some really stand-out space-dreams !