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until this dream the sounds in dreams were incidental or an accompaniment to the dream

this dream is the first in which the sounds themselves were the theme of the dream

there were three things in this dream that had characteristics which should be brought to your attention

the first is the sounds themselves

it was bizet's carmen

have listened to this piece of music many times over the years and it always produces an emotional response

but in this dream...

the first unusual thing about the sounds was that they had a quality of such beauty that it produced a compelling need to dance to it

simply listening to it in rapturous appreciation wasn't enough

there were about thirty or forty people in the immediate area of the consciousness in the dream and it caused all of us to begin to move to it

we formed a circle and began to do the same steps in unison

then we all began singing along with it in the same key and almost immediately two or three harmonies became noticeable which elated our feelings even further

the second thing that was unusual was the extraordinary sensations of touch in the feet and in particular in the heels

every time the weight of the heels touched the floor they sank another 3 to 5 centimetres beyond where they came into contact with the ground

the third unusual thing was the subjective/objective sense of time

those familiar with this music will know it lasts for more than 3 minutes

(for those who haven't heard it you can listen to it Here)

the music was at its normal tempo and there was a full three minutes of it

this is the first dream the writer's had which has allowed him to gauge the time of a dream

up until this dream it wasn't possible to assess accurately just how long a dream had lasted for

it was thought that dreams were merely fleeting moments which were seconds and parts of a second

all time values that have been assigned to dreams up until this point are invalid

without a time reference i would have said this dream was 5 or 6 seconds

which in turn means that all time references to dreams before this one need to be about 10 or more times longer

the question of why there is such a big difference between dream time and conscious time becomes an issue

the first thought is that there is lot a more going on in terms of sensory input in the conscious state

the next thought is that the thoughts we have in the conscious state have to be experienced as words and sentences which take longer to form


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