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that dreams have a purpose and understanding what that purpose is will result in an enhanced quality of life




new category of dream


alternative realities to the Pde's


there were six, seven or more variatons or presentations of the pde's which the Timeless conscious brought to the fore


they weren't exact in detail of the pde's, nor do i think they were meant to be or could be


the dream sequences could easily be associated to the pde's


the purpose of the dream sequences was to present the pde's as they could/should have been


there was one scene in particular in which a stirringly poignant response would have been achieved had a slightly different set of words been said in a slightly more sincere manner


so now dreams can be used not just to evaluate the pde's ranking in terms of their absolute position to the optimum alignment to love/life, now we know dreams can also show the alternative realities which can be achieved


this type of dream may be related to Pre-cognitive dreams


if there is a connection it will eventually show itself


qod 4

qos 3.9