the roney analysis


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that dreams serve a purpose and understanding what that purpose is will improve the quality of a person's life


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the roney analysis


if you've got used to the idea that we recur over and over for eternity then it shouldn't be too difficult for you to incorporate into your thinking the following idea


in the same way, we can remember what has happened during our lifetime so too is it possible to remember what has happened from Undulation to undulation


to explain the totally new images we see in dreams all we need to do is put forward the idea that the new images in dreams are in fact the experiences of a previous existence in another undulation being called upon by the Timeless-conscious to place the most appropriate image into the sequence of a dream


further, it is proposed that the brain/mind has the capacity to draw on the experiences of a point of time further ahead of the time we are in at the moment in this Undulation




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