in theory a straight line crosses infinity


if so, infinity can be traversed


and this time we do not stop


introduction and glossary


dreams theory will lead

to a complete picture

of what the mind/id/psyche/soul/spirt is, and it will answer the questions...


What are dreams?

Why do we have them? Where do they come?

What do they mean?

it will also lead to the realisation that we have tapped into a source of knowledge which has applications that far exceed the applications that have come from

Quantum Theory



quantum theory give us...

the computer

the t.v.

the atom bomb

an understanding of inanimate reality

dreams theory provides us with...

knowing what ails us

knowledge of life after death

the ability to see into the future

a firm grip of our relationship with eternity



the tenses of time and our sense of time

first, we recognise there is a difference between the sense of time we experience when we are not dreaming

(as you are reading this)

and the sense of time we experience when we are dreaming

the sense of time in dreams passes more quickly than the sense of time when we are not dreaming


based on the Carmen dream, our experience or perception of time in dreams passes at least ten times more quickly than when we are not dreaming


the difference might be a variable, both subjectively and objectively


the tenses of time


there are nine tenses of time




the future of future





the future of the present undulation




the future of past undulations




the present of future undulations




the present of the present undulation




the present of past undulations




the past of future undulations




the past of the present undulation




the past of past undulations




have decided not to routinely time-tense each individual scene in every dream but will put them in if they have a relevance, particularly as explained below


every individual has it in her or him to change the time-tense of the dreams here at dreams theory


for instance... as far as i'm aware folders which have pictures on them don't yet exist


not being a computer aficionado i wouldn't know if it's possible to put writing or pictures on the outside of a folder which i assume would have to be an option when creating a new file folder


if it is possible then the person who introduces it will have changed the time-tense of the scene with picture-folders in it from 1 or 2 or 4 to 5 (dream of 24112017)


in the years to follow there will be many opportunities for people to change the time-tense of the scene of a dream


and if it's a one-scene dream then the whole dream will have had its time-tense changed


the new ideas coming through dreams theory, and elsewhere at this group of websites, are not copyrighted nor will they ever be subject to legal compromise's


any person who develops

or initiates the use of anything coming through dreams theory knows they have made their mark on the future for all time and they will always be part of that future


surely any person with their eye on the future will be satisfied with immortality in lieu of a payment




abbreviations and meanings

a-man = all classes of man-shaped beings

D-Man = dinosaur man


m-man = mammal man shaped-beings



epic dreams


dreams with 12 or more sequences or scenes with the same theme


n-man = new man


the next class of man-shaped beings to emerge (in about 25 million years)




the vividness of a dream indicates its age within the context of all undulations


a vivid dream will be of the now and near past or the near and distant future









o = observer


p - participant

qod = quality of dream


qos = quality of sleep

Pde's = previous day's experiences




undulation-hop = a scene or sequence or theme of a dream which comes from a different time-sense to the previous scene or sequence or theme of the dream




the number of different experiences a person can have in just one undulation must be in the hundreds of trillions


now we have to include trillions of undulations


the only way this website can see how this might be possible is if the brain/mind has the ability to Fractalise experience



because of the diversity of the content from scene to scene within a dream, unless there is an obvious connection between them every different scene is considered as being a different time-sense



it's an unacknowledged fact that the desirable experiences in dreams can and do exceed the desirable experiences while awake


as is another unmentioned fact... the worst experiences while awake do not and cannot be experienced in dreams



Precognitive Dreams


a precognitive dream is the mind/brain drawing from the experiences of past, present and future undulations





the dreams in which the dreamer is particpating are considered as being experiences unique to the dreamer


where the dreamer is an observer... this bit of information is critical for applying Genetic Theory and is being kept back until we "get going"



start a dreams diary



not sure which astronaut it was who said it or which mission it was but the quote was along the lines of...

"i don't know if my memories of the mission are my dreams or sights during the flight"


the awake dream state becomes more of a reality in space !



it looks as if eventually each dream will take the whole of the day to enter


by then it is envisioned that each entry will have accurate pictures and videos of most, if not all, of the dream/s