name of dream: warming technology 1


two of the dreams last night featured a cylindrical object about half a metre tall and approximately the width of an average-sized clenched fist


in one dream it was a portable heating device


anything combustible could be dropped into the top of the cylinder and the device, which didn't weigh hardly anything, would convert it to white heat


at the bottom, there was a slide-across flap that went around half of the width of the cylindrical device and was about seven or eight centimetres in height


when the flap was open enough heat came out of the opening to make toast or marshmallows and if the area it was in wasn't much taller than a person and not more than a couple of metres wide it was efficient enough to warm four or five people in an impressively fast time


the dream was set in a small courtyard which had three or four or five-storey buildings which surrounded the courtyard on four sides


the courtyard itself was not more than five metres across


people were gathering and the merits of the device were being talked about as this sequence of the dream ended




time-tense: probably past tenses


qod 3.4


qos 3.5




vividness 3


stand-out moment:


2nd dream: name; sound technology 1


in this dream, the cylindrical object was a portable p.a. and a music player


my girlfriend and me were enjoying being the centre of attention which is what we became every time we turned the device on


on this occasion, we were sitting in an empty part of a very large cafeteria which could cater for a couple of hundred or more people


the nearest people to us were fifteen to twenty metres away


we chose a popular piece of music and slowly and subtly increased the volume of the music and balanced the volume of our voices so both were at the same volume


it didn't take more than seven or eight seconds for heads to start turning in our direction


the trick to playing music which people twenty metres away can hear without it being obtrusive is to have high ohmage speakers


i first became aware of the merits of high impedance speakers when i was about twenty-two


i was friendly with a sixteen-year-old boy called julian and we both lived in muswell hill in london


shortly after becoming friends he took me to his home


we went to his room


it was sparse but had style


he turned the music on and i became confused


i could hear the music only too clearly but couldn't see where it was coming from


all i could see was the stereo system, a deep alcove with shelves which had books and a t.v. on them


there were two radiators, one either side of the room, and the sofa i was sitting on and there may have been a picture or two on the walls


after eight or nine or ten seconds i had to ask: "where's the sound coming from"


he pointed to the radiator nearest to me and said "there"


the vast majority of you will be familiar with what a speaker looks like but very few of you will be able to visualise an electrostatic speaker


will let you delve into the technicalities of them for yourself


the thing about them which is relevant to this dream is their clarity and their ohmage


typically, professional speakers are eight ohms, electrostatic are sixty-four


what does that mean ?


i bought the speakers from julian a couple of years later for £55


in the summer when the french doors to the garden were open and the family were moving between the living room and the garden people would comment that the sound of the music was as clear at the far end of the garden as it was in the living room


the beauty of high impedance speakers is that the volume stays the same at greater distances away from the speakers even when the music is being played softly


this is what was drawing peoples attention to the music and the voices of my girlfriend and me in the dream


they could hear what we were saying in a normal tone of voice twenty, and more, metres away !




time-tense: future tenses


qod 3.7


qos 3.5




vividness 3


stand-out moment:


dreams 3 and 4 only vaguely remembered


the first an x dream


the second was something to do with deciphering


notes 1


an x dream only partly remembered !


must be getting old