first dream


name of dream: mechanics unknown


you've seen the film, here's the dream...


including myself, there were four people in the dream, a girl and two other males


i was sitting close and listening to one of the young males who was talking directly to me: he looked like he was in his early twenties


the conversation had been going on for quite a while


the scene changed and it went from me sitting and listening to me standing and moving


i was two metres to the right of the male and moving slowly further to the right


i was looking at the person i had been talking and could see he was still in the same position as when we were talking


within less than a second of dream-time, i could see that neither he nor the other two people in the dream were moving


they were stock-still, completely frozen in time


their absence of movement didn't take me by surprise or phase me in any way, i was at ease; the situation seemed natural


this was obviously not an experience that was new to me


the dream ended there but knew the dream could have continued




time-tense: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


qod 3.8




vividness: 3.4


the stand-out part of the dreams: last scene


the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: a glimpse into the future


category of dream: ?


cause of the dream: ?


notes 1


the three females who "dropped in" on me a few years back (transmutation) were at a stage of evolution ahead of the people in this dream


the ability to move amongst people without them realising you're not there is less than sixty-five million years away !


second dream


name of dream: kissing dream (twelve)


while out running came upon a girl with her friend


in the next scene, it's just the two and we are sitting on a wall


in the next scene she is behind me and squeezes the back of my neck and it sent a shudder through me


i said: "that sent a shudder right down my spine" and then said "do it again"


this time when she squeezed the sensation was so intense i had to pull away and leant forward


she kept her grip and it caused her to lose balance and we both ended up on the ground next to one another


our faces were just inches apart


we were in the perfect position to kiss


at first contact, her lips were tight but then loosened and softened and the kiss lasted for about eight or ten seconds of dream-time


i suggested we meet again but she didn't seem enthusiastic


in the last scene i was standing and as i started to walk away i said: "i'll see you later"






qod's 3.5




vividness: 3.4


the stand-out part of the dreams: the kiss


category of dream: kissing dream


cause/s of the dream: a persons continuing desire to experience pleasure


notes 1


there was quite a bit more at the start of this dream but the recording was garbled


third dream


name of mini-montage: 3-D girl


there were about ten pics of nude and flimsily clad women in this mini-montage


two linger on in the memory


one seems to have become a fixed memory


the one which is already fading was an overtly aggressive stance that was so blatantly provocative of sexuality it intimidated me


this woman had made herself into a sex-war machine


sex was a battle she intended to win


there may be a man somewhere who could take her on but it wasn't me


the one that appealed most was nude


her genitalia was the healthiest part of her body, it immediately caught the eye


it seemed as though her major labia was in 3-D while the rest of her was in 2-D


it almost seemed as though it was a separate entity with a different purpose, alive with a personality of its own; vibrant, full of life


any man would make this woman preganant


if that's on the outside then what's on the...


i wanted to explore...








q 3.5




vividness: 3.9


the stand-out part of the dreams: 3-d pic


category of dream: mini-montage


cause/s of the dream: a persons continuing desire to experience pleasure


notes 1


for every woman, there is a man who is perfect for her