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the name of the dream

back in prison

it was the first day of my sentence and i was in the dining area

against the wall furthest away from the serving area there was a part of the dining area that had goods for sale

the items were in see-through plastic packets about the size of a credit card

the packets were hooked onto the fixture with metal s-shaped hooks

the item i wanted was at the top of the fixture and i assumed a person wanting to buy an item would be able to detach the packet and make sure it was what he wanted


a thin, tall inmate was standing next to the hard cardboard fixture, probably to make sure no one nicked anything and was waiting for someone like me to do what i did which was to unhook an item to look at it in detail

he said "you're not allowed to take them off the board. put it back"

i tried to explain i only wanted to make sure it was what i wanted but this guy had the protection of the guards and used his position to assert himself authoritatively, something he could only do if he had back-up

he caught the attention of one of the guards and the guard began making his way towards us

i hadn't been in the place five minutes and already i was a trouble-maker

i knew there would be a harsh punishment and lost control of myself by grabbing the small finger of the hand of the trustee inmate and bending it back until he was wincing and said "if you get me in trouble i'll see you later"

the inmate said "now you've assaulted me as well"

in the next scene, i am in an outdoor training ground with mud everywhere and am being escorted towards a scene of activity

it was two lines of young men in dark-blue overalls who were competing with each other

the men were being trained for armed-combat

there was impressive coordination in their movements and they sounded-off in unison

i knew my fate and had accepted it

i said to the escort-guard "there is a strong camaraderie between them"

the last part of the dream was a montage which had about five scenes

it was a trailer of a war film which ended as the title of the film was beginning to show

it was called "the desert rats"


notes 1

the last four weeks is the longest run of entries since beginning dreams diary without missing a day


the category of the dream: prison () and short-clip montage (1)