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the name of the dream and references: newton's class - think-write () black and white (1)


the first scene is a blackboard with sentences on it


the blackboard more or less filled the field of vision


the sentences were variations of the way a sentence could be formed


there were four or five sentences


the dream started with two or three of the sentences being completed but can't remember what they were


the detailed part of the dream was a sentence which read... where/when is time prevented/invented in space


the words invented and prevented were in boxes in the sentences on the blackboard


the person trying to complete the sentences was an african man


he said, "newton should have asked: when in space should time be invented?"




quality of the dream 3.5


quality of the sleep 3.8




category of dream: think-write () black and white (1)


vividness: 3


notes 1



this dream is a variation of a crossword think-write dream and because the blackboard and the writing were in black and white it suggests it comes before the first entry/instance of this type of dream