the name of the dream

deep shit


it was around 10 o' clock in the evening and was heading out of town after being to the pictures


the time coincided with people who were going to another pub for their last drink


completely out of the blue i soiled my pants


i was about five minutes from home and it made more sense to head for home and not go to the nearest toilets to clean up


so i tucked my trousers into my socks and began running


looking ahead i could see a group of three lads


i recognised the gait and could tell one or more of them was well on the way to being drunk


the least bit of confrontation would have spurred them into violence


they were spread across all of the pavement which meant i wouldn't be able to get passed them without one or more of them or me moving onto the road, which didn't appeal to me and certainly wouldn't be something they would do


i considered scooping a handful of excreta out of my pants and if it did "kick off" i would smear it into their faces


however, if it didn't work as a shock tactic i would be in double-deep shit


they hadn't seen me as far as i could tell so i stooped down behind a bush and they went past me without noticing me


a friend and a friend of his who i didn't know very well appeared in the next scene


i said i had to get home quick and told them why


one of them said "cooksons might work" and "or you could...?"


the dream ended there








notes 1