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the name of the dream: no amourous advances causes problems


at aunt g's and in the company of three or four women and two or three men


i was the person in the spotlight


my girlfriend was unhappy with me


we had only recently struck up our relationship and she felt i wasn't being as forward as she expected or wanted


her sense of a meaningful partnership included kissing and petting and words which solidified my commitment to a long-term relationship


she was misconstruing my lack of passion as a signal that i didn't want her


i felt comfortable with her and she was, in my mind, the woman i would be spending my life with and my true feelings would become known to her as time went by


a woman and her man friend, or they may have been relatives, of my girfriend were showing a little hostility towards me and i was considering going on the offensive when the dream ended


notes 1


this dream was the result of spending a lot of time during the day mulling over during the situation/circumstances of a relationship when in my mid-twenties


a very attractive young woman did, to my complete surprise, accept my advances and agreed to have a date with me


i couldn't believe my luck


she was exceptionally attractive and had those personality traits, obliging, somewhat demure... that we men find so appealing and the physique of a model to boot


she wanted me to meet her family before we had our first date


i arrived at the house and met her father and brother and it soon became disturbingly obvious there was no mother


the two men were totally hostile towards me and i could see the girl was nervous and her relaxed composure was gone


they were spitting out dissmissive and contemptuous jibes and remarks from the very start


they was a violent undertone to them


they didn't frighten or intimidate me but i was confused that two people who might be having me as a son-in-law could be so belligerent


what was even more odd was that physically they were like chalk and cheese


the father was fair-haired and slight and the son was really bulky, much taller, jet black hair and the more hostile of the two


have come across this chalk and cheese, father/son pairing once more since the seventies and they looked like they could have been the same two people i met all those years ago


the more recent half-minute encounter with an unlikely father/son pairing left me with the impression that the father of the two was copletely dismayed and disillusioned that he could have fathered such a miserable creature and it had changed his outlook of life


there is no way i could make sense of it


it wasn't until the case of child-swapping in south america a few years back that a plausible explanation surfaced


bearing in mind just how sinister the acts of devolving beings can be child-swapping is one of their lesser crimes


how this beautiful girl could keep her attractive qualities living with two men like that is one of three reasons i keep on returning to our brief time together


i can't remember what happened on the first date but when we met on the next date she was insistent, and i do mean insistent, that we go back to my place and let me know just what she wanted when we got there


when back at my place i went out she room for a couple of minutes and when i got back she had stripped off and was laying there in black underwear


fair coloured skin, blonde hair, an out-of-this-word physique a magnetic personality in black underwear... it was an awake-dream


by the time of our third date i had changed lodgings and we were at my new place sitting on the sofa watching the telly


within a few minutes she told me she had met another man and wanted to be with him


it was a body-blow but i remained calm and composed and asked her if she was sure, she said she was


i walked her home, it was about seven hundred metres


while we were walking i was talking about this and that but she didn't want to talk and responded to what i was saying with nods or quick yes's


her body was rigid as though she was bracing herself for something


she looked troubled, something was wrong


it was her manner and gait as we were walking back to where she lived that has stuck in my mind


another thing has come to mind as this is being written...


when i first met her she was with a friend


her friend was...


you should know... this person's gene has been *****f about with, used and manipulated by a group of people(oligarch's) for the last thousand years


they have peculiar mental and physical characteristics and i can see them


you should know... this person's gene has been *****f about with, strained through a female gene twice, been manipulated into going with women i wouldn't normally and used for political purposes by the oligarch's for the last thousand years, possibly longer


the manipulation is over


the stark differences between evolving and devolving will become clearer throughout the coming few millenium


notes 2


in the last week the sharp disticntion between the thoughts and the and the sights in dream-time has begun fusing with awake-time thoughts and their accompanying mental imagery


in the latest two dreams after this one the train of thought has included both time-senses and i am unable to tell you where one ends and the other one starts


a re-defining/ordering of consciousness is occurring



the blurring or merging of conscious states has given me an idea for a little experiment


if the experiment produces the results that it is thought they may it will be a breakthrough in accessing or opening inroads to inner-self