second dream

the name of the dream


was out and about on the edges of a city centre

next scene, in a cafe a japanese girl of about twenty introduced herself

within minutes of talking, she pointed to someone on the street outside of the cafe where we were sitting and said "you know her, don't you?"

i went outside to see close up the person she had pointed out

it wasn't until i was standing in front of her that i recognised who it was

the lady i was standing in front of was an awake-time friend and girlfriend of twenty years ago i had desperately been trying to get in touch with

she was thinner than the last time i saw her and some of the colour had gone from her face but she was much more energetic and had an enthusiasm she didn't have before (the stand-out part of the dream)

we would be picking up from where we had left off

notes 1

cath broke away from me because the last time she called at my door she had travelled seven hundred miles to see me and mistakenly thought i was doing something that i regarded as having more important as i had led her to believe

because i hadn't phoned her or left a note on the door she mistakenly thought that i had got something to do other than to see her and that i didn't regard her as being as important to me as i had led her to believe

i phoned her several times to explain why i hadn't been there to see her but she put the phone down immediately every time i phoned

she was so upset she even put the phone down on people who phoned her on my behalf and tried to explain the reason for me not seeing her

i was in fact at home but didn't hear the bell

i didn't hear the bell because i was sleeping in the bathroom

i was sleeping in the bathroom because my upstairs neighbours, who were associated with oligarch's, had been making my life as unpleasant as possible by using sleep-deprivation to get me to sleep with the women who lived above me and was so tired i slept through the sound of the ring of the doorbell

when i get the chance i will be getting in touch with her and explain the situation


vividness 4 - participant - the category of the dream: relationships () female ()

first dream

the name of the dream

no honour amongst thieves

there was nothing in the pde's or of the experiences in recent weeks which came remotely close to being the cause of this dream

for those reasons this dream is categorised as a "timed-to-occur dream"

the dream... an international gang of professional thieves organised the robbery of some of the most valuable works of art in the world

the exhibition was touring the world and would be seen in dozens of countries

the thieves had chosen the country where their plan was most likely to succeed

the gang had hired the most skilful criminals in the underworld to commit the theft

unbeknown to the hired criminals the masterminds of the robbery had got wind of the worldwide travelling exhibition years before it was announced publicly

before the word went out to the underworld for criminals with particular skills the organisation which planned the crime had already hand-picked another, even more specialised, band of people

the specialised group had spent a couple of years learning about and training for the robbery

the crime went ahead

a few weeks before the robbery the organisers of the crime had tipped off the police of the theft

on the night of the crime, the police were ready and waiting and arrested the entire gang

before the exhibition moved from its current location to the next a few days later the group of specialised thieves sprang into action

they had been hidden in the walls and under the floor of the building


vividness 3.4 - observer - the category of the dream: crime () theft () art and fabulous items ()