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the name of the dream

here and there


sitting on a chair next to the dance area at a wedding reception


the speeches have finished and the dj plays the first song


the song is sam cooke - twistin' the night away


several people go to the floor and start dancing


it's a slippery wooden floor which allows me to do an almost full circle turn with one good twist/thrust of the hips


a bit of carpet half a metre by half a metre is on the floor by my feet


it is just big enough to stand on and when i do a hip/thrust it has enough momentum to spin me around twice


then, there are three scenes where i am dancing with girls


the scene changes completely to country terrain and i am looking for the girls in the previous scenes


to get to where i think they are means going through a wooded area


the trees have thin trunks and are growing too close to each other to squeeze through


the only way to get to the other side of them is to climb to the top of the trees and go from one tree to another


at the top of the first tree when i attempt to get to the next one my weight causes the next tree to bend and the more weight i put on it the further it bends


i then discover that if i put all of my weight onto the tree it bends into the next tree and getting from tree to tree becomes simple


at the edge of the mini-forest, the last couple of trees have thinner trunks than the others and i am able to cause one of them to bend down to the ground by pushing against it


one of the girls comes into the scene, i bend the tree down so that the top of it is almost touching the ground in front of the girl


the girl is impressed with my little manoeuvre and i am climbing down a tree to go and join her when the scene finished





vividness 3.3 to 3.5/6




the category of the dream dancing () wedding (1) and trees () climbing (1)