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the name of the dream

what not to eat before going to sleep


in the centre of a city


was on a push-bike that had a home-made trailer fixed to it


on the trailer was most of all of my worldly possessions


was on my way to do a disco


had just got to the top of a slight incline that curved to the left and was picking up speed when something caused the bike to stop and threw me off the bike


wasn't hurt but whatever it was that caused the bike to stop wasn't obvious


put the bike in a recess by the side of a building and went to the point on the road where the bike stopped


there wasn't anything which looked to be the cause... no hole in the ground, no bump in the road, nothing


i stooped down and checked the lie of the road for an unevenness, again nothing


something had caused it and i stooped down again and double-checked for any sign of anything


it was a mystery, i was perplexed


had a job to do and would have to try and figure it out later and so went back to where the bike was


the bike wasn't there, it had been nicked


it was a complete disaster


everything of importance was on the trailer... music equipment, video equipment, computer and storage devices, phone...


there wasn't anyone in sight


i had been robbed, but good


woke out of the dream feeling thoroughly depressed




for a half-hour after waking the thought i why i had dreamt the dream was on my mind


checked the Pde's and attributed the dream to a decision to put money before principles on a certain matter


settled on that as being the reason; there wasn't anything else that came to mind


the only other thing that could bring about a feeling of depression like that was food and i had only eaten...


then it dawned on me


a two-sausage sandwich, pork sausages, twenty minutes before going to sleep was the culprit


it was the first time i had eaten pork sausages before going to bed for years


there's definitely something about pork which is incompatible with our physiology


have still got about forty pork sausages in the deep freezer


they are going to be used as a breakfast item for here on in


the physio/mental effects will have less of a detrimental effect in the morning


have whittled down chicken meat to once a month or less, pork is getting the boot eventually




vividness 3.3/4 - participant - the category of the dream: food-influenced dream () meat () pork sausages (1)