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the name of the dream

sweet dreams are made of this


there are five, six or seven of us and we are joined by another person and he leads us into a disused factory which he has made into his own domain


the mini hanger-shaped building is about fifteen metres wide and thirty-five metres long and six or seven metres high and is set in an area of other disused buildings that are bigger and smaller


the scene, when looked at fleetingly, makes the statement "abandoned"


it was the sort of scene you would look at for a second and would instantly forget about once it was out of your field of vision


whatever part of the scene you looked at it was either a shade of black or brown and it was surrounded by overgrown brown grass, overturned and rusted water tanks and broken pallets


the person who had made the building his project had cleverly, almost artistically, kept it looking dilapidated from the outside by using planks of wood which had been roughly hammered into place to hide a gap in the side of the building


we had to wrench the wood away and squeeze through the gap sideways to get in and then the plank slotted firmly back into place when pulled back into place from the inside


inside, the building must have been an engineering company that used it for making goods that needed lathes that used lots of oil because there were still patches of oil-stains on the walls and on the floor


one-third of the length of the building had been cleaned up and was being used by our host for cooking and sleeping


the rest of the floor was smooth and shiny


out of sheer impulse i pretended to be waltzing with an imaginary woman


one arm was around her imaginary back and the other arm was holding her imaginary arm out in front and leading the way


the floor was so smooth it was possible to slide when swirling


musical sounds which complimented the movements came out of my mouth


the other men joined in the fun and now we are all dancing and singing and sliding smoothly


music, a subtle accompanying music, gradually replaces the sounds coming from our mouths


our movements became even more fluid as the music fills our conscious and we are whisked away to a place where only dreams are permitted


the dream becomes a timeless experience that has no description


then the music fades and finishes as the orchestra ends this particular melody


the music is ready to begin again but at that moment between when the music finishes and is about begin again i awake


i am completely relaxed but disappointed the dream had finished but knowing this dream is as good as it gets, for now




vividness sight 3.2/3 sound 4.3/4 - participant - the category of the dream music () dancing ()



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