name of dream: skinny's skinny


four different scenes where all the clothing i was wearing was a cloth, zipper bomber-jacket


and if that wasn't bad enough it wasn't zipped up


it wasn't an attempt to be provocative, nor was it because i wanted attention


it was a natural, innocent act, of an adult with a childs mind


the reaction of the people who saw me was slightly reserved but none were concerned


in the last scene of this dream i was in a room and a girl was there


she looked and then looked away and moved her right hand, with fingers open, to her eyes and said politely to put more clothes on




favoured time-tense 2


qod 3.1


qos 3.3






no pde's that i can put my finger on


notes 1


the chances are that if a baby wasn't schooled into it and the climate was right the only thing she/he would wear was shoes


second dream


x dream


qod 3.7


qos 3.3






don't blame me because i feel the need to fill the endless with life


notes 1

first dream that i can remember when i forgot the details of the x dream because of thinking about another dream