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the name of the dream

futuristic t.v.

staying with an awake-time friend from twenty-three years ago

he had an almost-square wall-mounted t.v. about one-hundred twenty cm

it had the most dicreet design of any t.v. i've ever seen

the only thing on the front was the name of the manufacturer

it was called a google netbox; there were three or four other words written on it

the words on the screen were a slightly lighter shade of black than the screen and they became invisible when the set was on

the design of the t.v. was captivating but the real bit of tech was the channel-receiver which was itself about a third of the size of the t.v. and had array of about thirty square coloured buttons which protruded slightly

i already had a t.v. but the large gizmo which passed the channels to the t.v. was a must

it could pick up any signal which was in the ether which meant tens of thousands and even perhaps even millions of channels

it was an internet version of t.v. channels

i ordered and paid for one and the delivery and installation of the "techmaster" is the next scene in the dream

a woman with a body that had a big frame was reading out the terms and conditions bit of the contract and mentioned a fifty pound charge for maintenance if it ever needed it

i said "that wasn't mentioned when i ordered it"

the women said "yes, i know" and carried on reading out the terms and conditions as though she hadn't heard me

i said "just a moment. fifty pounds isn't nothing. in certain circumstances it can be a lot"

the woman had obviously had issues about the fifty pounds on other occasions and knew that a person would nod and accept it or would, like me, start questioning it

i saw she was bracing herself for what might be an awkward time

to me this sort of sneaky money-grabbing was a sore point and had been the cause of a done-deal becoming undone on more than just one other occassion

the dream ended