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first dream


the name of the dream and references: a dog barks


it is evening and i'm on my way somewhere


an elderly gent who wasn't very mobile and lived in a block of flats about fifty metres from where i lived was on the grass outside where he lived keeping an eye on his dog


the dog was small, a bit bigger than a pekingese


i offered to take the dog with me and told him i would be back in ten minutes (think i might have been on my way to the shops again)


he was pleased and agreed


the scene changed to a road which had a mix of semi-detached and terraced houses with gardens


for a stretch of about five or six houses every garden had a dog in it


the dog was in in dog-heaven as it went to and fro back and forth from garden to garden, there was a noticeable spring in the way it was walking


the dog in one of the gardens began barking (the first time a dog has barked in a dream)





quality of the dream 3.7


quality of the sleep 3.8




time-tense: 9


cause of the dream: offering a man who couldn't leave the house to take his dog for a walk two or three days ago


category of dream: animal: mammal: dog (11)


vividness: 2.9


location: 3


notes 1


second dream


name of dream: wafer and cream


evening time and nearly home on the way back from somewhere


fancied something sweet


there was a shop about fifty metres off the route home that would have some


i entered the shop


it was a lot bigger and brighter than the shop i had thought of


went to the counter and asked the woman serving for something sweet to eat


she suggested a soft cream


she showed me a tub with cream-coloured cream in it


i said it looked nice and she replied "they're really nice with wafer-strips"


she produced a vivid beige-coloured wafer about the size and shape of a twelve-inch ruler


she let me eat a bit of the wafer but not any of the cream


i dug into my pocket and brought out all the change


a quick look at my hand and i could see it was mainly coppers and not enough


i said "i'll be back in a bit" and turned and walked away briskly




the stand-out part of the dream: the sight of the wafer




category of the dream: food (5) ice-cream (1)


vividness: 3.5


location 3


notes 1


postulate 3: a dream with dark tones has been experienced fewer times across all undulations which means a bright dream is an experience frequently experienced across all undulations


does the notion that a dark dream is older than a bright dream bear out?


third dream


name of dream: sociability at the social club


was in a working man's social club


it was a typical working man's social club


large, long rows of tables fairly close together, one large bar, high ceiling, an air of amiability...


in the first scene, i had just entered the room


in the next scene, i was moving between two of the rows between the tables


as i was walking along i was having two, three or four-sentence exchanges with different couple's and individuals


as this part of the dream progressed my replies to the sentences got shorter and shorter until eventually, it became three or four-word rejoinders


the responses became witticism's or wisecracks


i was on a roll, every rejoinder produced a teeth-smile


i was on an endorphin high, and rising




the stand-out part of the dream: the feeling of well-being in the last scene


cause of the dream: a feeling of relief following the decision to stop trying so hard to get things moving




the category of the dream: pleasure () humour: () word: (5 ?)


vividness: 3.9


the quality of the dream: 4