the name of the dream

amorousness and assassination at school

landed a job at a boarding school for mixed secondary pupils

the school was the size of a large village and looked as though it had in excess of a thousand pupils

the dress code was white blouses and dark-blue skirts and white shirts and black trousers

most of the paths were canopied or had a rigid covering

for reasons not remembered the chalet i occupied wasn't suitable, and in the next scene i am in a different room

there is a male adult aged fifty with white hair and a slim physique in the room

while looking at him a red spot the size of a pea appears on his forehead

his expression becomes expressionless and he begins to fall

the accompanying sound of glass breaking causes me to look in the direction of the sound and there is a neat hole with a few small cracks surrounding a bullet hole

before he hits the ground the scene changes to another room the same size as the room in the previous scene

the dream changes from observer to participant status

it is early morning and i am lying on a bed

a young girl comes into the room and sits on a chair next to the bed

she says something which is meant to re-assure or relax me and then she puts her hand on the blankets above the area where my genitalia is and begins to rub me in a surprisingly accomplished way

i become aroused and mentally prepare myself for intense sexual feelings and say to the girl "you'll have to be careful that no one misses you"

thoughts of caution are overridden by feelings of pleasure, and, wouldn't you know it, the dream ends just as feelings are increasing

notes 1

for the entire month of february, with the exception of the dream on the 15022019, the dreams that have been published were not dreamt on the day of publication but are unpublished dreams from may 2018

notes 2

the experiment to establish the effect of THC on dreams has been concluded

thc represses dreams


vividness 3.5 - participant and observer - the category of the dream: school () assassination (1) x pleasure ()