second dream

the name of the dream

alladin's place

came across a newly-opened second hand shop

inside the shop there were more items on display than i had ever seen in any second hand shop, there were thousands of goodies

nearly all of the goods were fist-sized or smaller

before i began looking for something i wanted the owner came into the dream

to my surprise and delight, he was an awake-time friend i had a special friendship with at school ten years earlier

i had almost forgotten about him until this dream

ours was a natural bonding of like-minded people whose special relationship was based on having the same sense of humour

we kept each other smiling by feeding off others comments like a couple of pro's

there were so many items in the shop i wanted it was untrue

our common shared sense of humour also extended to a mutual attraction to gizmos and knick knacks!

eventually i bought a silver two-slice toaster and a handful of button-sized finger spinning tops


vividness 3.1 to 3.2 - participant - the category of the dream: shopping () second-hand goods () re-found friends

first dream

the name of the dream

a girl came calling

had just moved into a new pad

two male friends were there to help me get the flat functioning

all of my belongings were in the bedroom and another room

we were standing in the bare living room thinking about what items to move into it

before any items had been brought into the living room a young girl of about twenty appeared in the dream

she wasn't a girlfriend of any of the men

she was wearing tight black slacks and a tight fitting top and she had her black hair cut tight to her head; her figure was as good as it comes

not sure who she was representing but she wanted to know my basic details... age, name, previous address...

in another scene, all three of the people in the dream were bringing in various items they thought i would need from the other rooms and i was saying yes or no as each item was brought in

after two or three scenes the living room was still bare

one of the males brought in something that was obviously not a living room item, a sink plunger i think and  the dream took on a light-hearted mood

a series of scenes followed when the males brought items into the room which were even more  unlikely than the sink plunger to belong in the living room

the dream became a banter and quip session with everyone trying to come up with a funnier "one-liner" than the one before

there was externalised laughter in two or more of the dreams

the mystery girl took the dream in a new direction when she brought a hula-hoop into the living room and began gyrating with it

the two males suddenly had nothing to say and stood there transfixed, obviously fantasising

i took in her movements for a second or two

she was promising us with her suggestive movements us but i managed to break the spell by saying "don't look at her, it will only make her worse"

notes 1

this externalised laughing dream broke a run of dreams with dramatic themes and was a welcome relief

think i know what caused the good-naturedness in this dream and if i'm correct will refer back to this dream in a few years


vividness 3.1 - observer and participant - the category of the dream: externalised () mixed-gender ()