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second dream


the name of the dream

the restauranteers


four of us, two women and two men, having a night out at a classy restaurant


we men had decided to live beyond our budget and spoil the ladies


the evening would take every penny we had


the restaurant was very, very popular and had international standing; best service, food, and drink available without being exclusive


there was about two-hundred tables


most, if not all of the tables, were four-seaters with about two and a half-metres between them


the lighting was subdued and it was difficult to make out the faces of the people beyond the fifth or sixth table


we had eaten our meal and the rest of the evening was for drinking and relaxing, it would be hours before everyone left


it occurred to me that a little impromptu entertainment might be a good idea


i suggested an off-the-cuff improvised mini-event to my friend


he began to speak in ye olde english style


don't remember it word for word but it went something like this... "you" he said "terrible knave that you are, have besmirched my families good name


my response was "and you have a misguided opinion of yourself. were it that you had a good name to sully i would not deem to speak unwell of you. your very accusation is unfounded and i do believe you speak with a mischevious intent"


"he came back with... "the mischievousness is not mine but yours. it was you who saw my wife with envious eyes and with lust in your body did seek to possess her very soul"


"your words have summoned outrage within me" i began, "it is well for you that i do not have a sword about my person. for if i had the flat edge would find not your shoulder but your backside". and i continued "what haughty claims you have for you and your wife. it is because i am a man of principle that i speak not of rumours that abound in nearby villages and towns of escapades concerning a couple who leave morals at home and seek to make charlatans of unsuspecting maids and lure decent men into the ways of the ungodly". and continued "`tis true you wife has a wholesome body and a wily wit. it is you who does not deserve the title of a gentleman for having turned a goodly woman into an impish nymph and who has lured her into a trap set by the very devil himself" and continued "i am of a mind to bring you to book and speak of you to clergy and sheriff. the reason i do not is to keep out of harms way the minds of children who would hear such things. it is well that none of what is being said here..." it went on like that for another ten sentences or so and by the end of it a small crowd had formed a circle about us


the scene changed, i was on my way to the bar or toilet and a small, full-bodied young lady wearing a tight black dress was teeth-smiling at me as we approached each other


as she passed she said that she like my speech


i thought it was an invitation and said: "i could make myself available and do it in private". i felt confused when she said "no thanks"


the next scene was at the cashier's desk near the entry/exit doors


was headed back into the restaurant and decided to pay the bill then instead of on the way out


took out my wallet and handed all of the money in it, thirty pounds, to a man who handed it to the cashier


he never said thanks or gave me a receipt


he thought i was giving him a tip


i became a bit panicky


if my mate couldn't cover the bill our reputation would be mud


it was necessary to explain to the to the cashier in a roundabout way what the money was for and said "i'll pay the rest of the bill on the way out"


the dream ended there


first dream


the name of the dream

the futuristic t.v.


staying with an awake-time friend from twenty-three years ago


he had an almost-square wall-mounted t.v. of about one-hundred twenty centimetres


it had the most discreet design of any t.v. i've ever seenthe only thing on the front was the name of the manufacturer which disappeared when it was switched on


the front and sides of the t.v. were the screen (like a galaxy edge)


it was called a google net-box, there were three or four other words written on it


the words on the screen were a slightly lighter shade of black than the screen and they became invisible when the set was on


the design of the t.v. was captivating but the real bit of tech was the channel-receiver which was itself about a third of the size of the t.v. and had an array of about thirty square coloured buttons which protruded slightly


i already had a t.v. but the large gizmo which passed the channels to the t.v. was a must


it could pick up any signal which was in the ether which meant tens of thousands and even even millions of channels


i ordered and paid for one and the delivery and installation of the "tech master" is the next scene in the dream


a woman with a body that had a big frame was reading out the terms and conditions bit of the contract and mentioned a fifty-pound charge for maintenance if it ever needed it


i said "that wasn't mentioned when i ordered it"


the women said "yes, i know" and carried on reading out the terms and conditions as though she hadn't heard me


i said "just a moment. fifty pounds isn't nothing. in certain circumstances, it can be a lot"


the woman had obviously had issues about the fifty pounds on other occasions and knew that a person would nod and accept it or would, like me, start questioning it


i could see was bracing herself for what might be an awkward time


to me, this sort of sneaky money-grabbing was a sore point and had been the cause of a done-deal becoming undone on more than just one other occasion


the dream ended