name of dream: story/saga 1


in the last scene, i befriended a young man who was down on his luck


we were discussing what we would have to eat and where to get it from when the dream ended




time-tense ?


qod 3.8


qos 3.2






not sure if this dream came from the pde's


notes 1


a story dream is a dream with the same theme and which can last for most, and perhaps all, of the time the brain/mind is actually engaged in dream sequences


this dream continued with the same theme for three different periods of time


the periods of time was separated by two brief bouts of awake-conscious and finished with me hearing myself speaking out loud as i woke


the scenes in the dream varied in lengths of time


one, in particular, lasted for what seemed to be more than half of the whole dream


within this long period, a whole saga of the same theme played out

(imagine a film which didn't change scenes for twenty minutes)


this dream is a new category of dream


for the time being, they are being called story/saga dreams


as their purpose becomes known they will probably be re-named


notes 2


it's now an hour since i woke and all i can remember of the dream are vague impressions from one bit or another


how we're supposed to remember the contents of something which lasts for twenty minutes i've no idea


perhaps it's the old practice makes perfect routine being thrust at us


notes 3


the thing that's becoming clear is that dreams theory is a big, big subject


there's no way i could have a family and a job and devote as much time to uncovering what's in the old noodle as is presently possible


it may be the case that to make sense of dreams we will have to cross-index the types of dreams


with more than forty different types already indentified, it means there will be more than One Raised To The Fiftieth Power (1 ^50) possible variations to cross-check !


and if you're wondering what the number means, it's telling us there are millions of more ways to categorise dreams than there are stars in the universe


hope you like a challenge


second sleep


name of dream: mountain bike ride 1


three of us had just finished a mountain bike ride


the two young men were younger than me and had been friends more than twenty years ago


we arranged to do it again


in the next scene we were ready to do it again but one of the other two hadn't shown up


we set off


it was a thick brush with just an outline of a trail and it was more challenging than anything i had done before


in the next scene, we had to do a drop jump of about one and a half metres


it was the most difficult manoeuvre i had ever tried


the moment of hesitation and the drop and the landing was the stand-out part of the ride


i fully expected to get a bruise or worse


the other rider was out of the scene and i wasn't going to get left behind and make him come back as that would have blown my cred


i managed to lift the front of the bike sufficiently as i went over the edge and it was just enough to make the bike land on its back wheel


the bike hit the ground with a bump and my crotch hit the seat of the bike but, wonder of wonders, it didn't hurt and the bike stayed on two wheels


in the next scene, we were off our bikes and talking


the other rider looked at me with a serious look and said "i am getting a weight for a few hundred pounds

(he was talking about hash)


i was interested and asked how much i could get a quarter of it for and he said "ninety pounds"


he said something about keeping it to myself and the dream ended




favoured time-tense 7 or 9


qod 3.4


qos 3.7






thinking i would like to go for a ride on the bike sometime

(still have a mountain bike and regularly think about going out on it)