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the name of the dream

the runner has a sweet-treat


left the house in almond tree avenue for town


don't remember what it was i had to do in town but whatever it was it had to be done in a hurry


just missed the bus the at the bus stop at the bottom of the hillmorton road and decided to run through manor house estate and try and pick up the number 21 bus at the bottom of the hill leading to the shops at bell green


there wasn't anybody at the bus stop which told me the bus wasn't due or had just gone


then ran up the hill and got to the shops at bell green only to see the bus i wanted was pulling away from the stop (the strength i felt in my legs while doing the two bouts of running was the stand-out feeling in the dream)


there would be a few minutes before another bus


felt a pang of hunger and decided to buy something sweet from one of the shops


in the shop, the sweets and biscuits were near the cashier's till


checked my change before buying anything expecting only to have enough for one bar of chocolate and became slightly elated when i saw there was large gold coin worth half a pound and two silver two-shilling piece coins, a three-pence coin and about five two-pence coins, i was rich


there was a bit of a queue waiting to pay and the people waiting were standing in a line in front of the shelves with the sweets and biscuits


i asked a woman to give me access to the shelves and she tutted because it meant she had to move backwards from the till


bought two bars of chocolate and joined the back of the queue


the queue shuffled once or twice and as we neared the till my attention was drawn to a large red and white pack on the bottom shelf


the pack was the size of a six-pack of crisps and i recognised them as penguin's marshmallows (the stand-out visuals of this dream)


chocolate-covered marshmallows were among my favourite sweets


i didn't think i would be able to afford them but i had never seen marshmallows in a bag that big and was curious to know how much they cost


to my utter surprise and great joy they were marked, in thick black writing, as twenty pence


i had paid twice as much as that for just one of the bars of chocolate


i decide to buy a packet and when i picked it up i saw there were twenty marshmallow cakes in the bag


that was it, i bought two packets and when i had the two packets in my hand the bags of biscuits were even bigger than i first thought, they now looked to be twice as big as six-packs of crisps


the two packets of biscuits were too conspicuous to carry as they were, and is the case with dreams, in the next scene the biscuits were in a half-sized dustbin-liner bag and i was heading for the bus stop


while waiting for the bus i opened one of the packs of biscuits and started eating one


as will be known to those of you who like chocolate-covered marshmallows, the way to eat them is to get to the marshmallow by tonguing away the outer shell of away the chocolate and then sucking out the jam before starting in on the white goo


the bus came as i was eating it


got on the back seat of the bus (those of you who can remember the two-person operated double-decker buses will remember they had two three-seater seats facing each other as you got on the back of the bus)


the conductress gave me my ticket and when i had paid for it i reprimanded myself for not buying a return ticket and saving two or three pence


the triple-sugar treat of jam, chocolate and marshmallow was almost sensuous (the stand-out taste in the dream)


as i was looking around to see if there was a child to share the marshmallow experience with the dream ended




participant - vividness 2.9 - 3.4/5 - the category of the dream: running () sweets ()