name of dream: lost (1)


on a bus


thought i knew the road the bus was on but some of the surroundings weren't right


if i was where i thought i was the bus would turn left at the t-junction two hundred metres further on


asked the driver if the next turn was right or left


he said left and i said that's alright. that's where i want to go


it meant i was only six hundred metres from walking through the front


as we were approaching the t-junction the bus turned left


in the next scene, we were in a bus depot and i didn't know where i was


there was a bus behind the one i was in and i thought it was the bus to get on to finish the journey


as i approached the bus a man got off and asked me to "wait over there"


as i was walking to where he indicated a man in a grey uniform said to me "where are you going?" emphasising the you


didn't like his tone of voice so i replied "going to get some information if that's alright with you


again he asked me a completely irrelevant question and i said "what's it got to do with you?", i was getting uppity by now


"he said "if you don't tell me i'm going to take you down"


i completely lost my cool and shouted in my loudest, steady voice, and it reverberated from every acoustically reflective material for thirty metres, "down". paused and saw him cringe and then again, even more vehemently "down"


he shrank and made off like a rabbit and was still accelerating at twenty metres as i finished him off, "you're going to take me down" but by then he was in amongst other people who wouldn't know who i was shouting at


a wannabe authoritarian had bitten the dust


my situation wasn't any better


i was in a strange place and it looked like i was going to be sleeping in a waiting room


i was becoming concerned and as my concern compounded and was looking for a solution i realised i was in a dream and woke up






qod 3


qos 3.4




vividness: 3.3


the stand-out part of the dreams: the shouting


category of dream: lost


notes 1


that i knew i was dreaming before the dream ended is relevant