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the name of the dream

when men stopped believing

was watching, or may have been participating in, a review of a piece of art called "man on a train."

it was a painting of five of the carriages of a train and it was moving from left to right as it passed through the viewer's field of view

the viewer was meant to keep her or his head still as the painting moved from left to right, as the idea was to give the viewer a different impression for each of the carriages as the carriages filled their Field of View of between 100 to 120 Degrees

three of the carriages were in colour and had around seven or eight persons in each of them

the passengers in the coloured carriages were looking in the direction the train was going or the direction it was coming from

the middle two carriages were in black and white and the passengers were looking out of the train looking directly at the viewer

when the two black and white black and white carriages had just gone out of the picture, a voice said: "did you see it? why is it in? it spoils it"

then, a woman and a man began debating, at great length, the minutiae of the painting and critiquing, of what seemed to be to me, completely insignificant things

the debate went on and on...

i couldn't stand it any longer

i interrupted

"i like art as much as the next person, but there are other things in life which need to be given the same amount of scrutiny as we're giving to this work of art."

i continued, "don't you know that the reason men in europe stopped believing in god was that the suffering they had to endure in world war one was so intense they couldn't believe that a loving god would let it happen?"

notes 1

as i was growing up the phrase i heard, again and again, was, "if god existed he wouldn't have let it happen"

the reason for most wars is money

only those living in denial or ignorance will fail to see the truth of the matter

as usual, it's jewish and british financiers and the other two cliques mentioned in the lead article who are causing the current acts of mass murder

notes 1

the Pde's of the last couple of days are the foundation for this dream

one was watching a biography of turner, the other was listening to a programme that tried to whitewash what was the Second Greatest act of Mass Murder (the first is hiroshima) in history by saying that a thousand people were killed when it was, in fact, a hundred thousand


vividness 3.3 - observer and participant - the category of the dream: art/war (1)