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the name of the dream: a barking dog gets the back of my hand


had to go to the shops


there were shops within a hundred metres of where i live but they didn't have certain items basic to my diet


it meant going to the next nearest shopping area a kilometre away


although i was in familiar territory i had to ask people for directions to the bus stop


the first person i asked gave me directions... "go up that road, turn right and the bus stop is along on the left just past the garage on the right"


in a dream what you need to hear when asking for directions is "keep walking and you'll come to it"


"keep going until you get to the junction. turn left at the junction then when you come to the hound and ducks take the second on the left. you'll see..."


forget it


i didn't know where i was


i was lost


i had to get my bearings or i could end up going down the hole with alice


a busy junction came into view


it meant walking up a hundred-metre incline and bearing to the right


when i got to the top of the hill the junction was no longer in view but there was a busy street visible between the houses which looked like it led to the junction


the road i was on stretched down and then up for more than six hundred metres and had fewer and fewer buildings in it the further along it i looked


that was another journey into the beyond


there was only one option


i took it


i pushed open the gate of the house next to me and walked up the garden


level with the back of the house was an outhouse or brick garage or something which closed off any means of going anywhere other than between two brick walls to get to the street


after a dozen steps a thigh-high but not bulky, dark-coated house dog was on my case


the trick with dogs in a sitution like that is to keep moving but not pick up your walking pace and offer the dog the back of your hand


there was, of course, the chance the dog would grab my had but to stand still and say "good boy" does, on occasions, infuriate them


the dog was on home-ground and i had invaded its area, it had to be macho


it began barking fiercely and moving along with me but it didn't attack (two dreams on the trot with dogs in them and in both dreams the dog's bark was audible and that's after umpteen dreams with dogs with no sounds of barking ! dreams becoming more detailed ? )


i offered the dog the back of my hand


it sniffed it and stopped barking


the old, "give the dog the back of your hand" counter-attack tactic had worked again


on the street and down the hill to my right was a busy out-of-town shopping centre


buses, people, pedestrian crossings, high buildings, i was back in civilisation


didn't have a clue where i was but anyone would be able to tell me which bus to catch to get back to... "where is it i live?"




there were two or more scenes in this dream which followed the same pattern of going from one unrecognisable location to another but you've got the idea


there was also another dream in this sleep which came before this one


it was a totally different setting with conversation and emotion


the last scene of the dream before this one meant going out to buy things and have assumed the second dream is a continuation of the first albeit the content of the first dream was so different to this one


although the content of the two dreams were chalk and cheese they are probably connected or it might be a "twinned-theme dream"




the stand-out part of the dream: the dog barking


the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: becoming oriented to the auditory content of dreams ?




the cause of the dream: earlier on in the day was thinking about where to buy this month's groceries