the name of the dream

a female visitor

the girl i was expecting hadn't arrived when the woman, from an awake-time relationship from a few years ago, arrived with another woman

in one scene, the woman from the awake-time relationship never once resisted my advances, in fact, i'm fairly sure she thought i didn't make advances often enough

more than conjoinment, she got prolonged pleasure when we were sitting together and i would cup her breast in the most convenient hand and softly pressed and squeezed her while we were talking

i didn't want to disappoint her, so the second her friend wasn't looking i felt her breast in the way she liked

she pulled my hand down from her breast and said "not yet"

the next scene was a brief act of conjoinment between us

in the next and last scene, the woman i had been expecting originally and the two other women were sitting at a table

the lady i had been expecting wasn't happy but i was slowly winning her round

i let her know we would have the rest of the day together when the other two left

in the next scene, i was standing behind her with a notepad and pen in hand taking her order

also, i was giving her an inventory of the food and suggesting ways of having it cooked and what to have with it

i suggested beef and said there was some mateus rose wine to go with it

the dream ended while taking the ladies order