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second dream


the name of the dream: awake-time tactile in a dream


there is no doubt in the mind of this website... dream-time can house the exact same desirable experiences as awake-time


probably even more so




vividness: 4.1


the stand-out part of the dream: the feelings transmitted through the pleasure receptors of the skin


the significance of the stand-out part of the dream: a furthering of the conjoinment of the two states of consciousness


the cause of the dream: thoughts about women during the day


a participant - category of dream: x dream(29) - vividness: 4.4 - the quality of the dream: 4 - the quality of the sleep: 3.4 - time-tense: every tense


first dream


the name of the dream: dilapidated housing, a bottle of water and fine art


the first scene, a run-down house with blocked toilets and seedy management


one part of this dream was externalised... it was while talking to a plumber who realised just how bad the house was and seemed to be asking me to report it to the health and safety authorities and i turned to him and said "i could make a fortune if i rented out some of the rooms of where i lived. it would be the hotel royale compared to this one"


in another scene of the dream i was being interviewed to do the art-work for the label of a bottle of water


in another part of the dream i was presenting a montage of pictures as a work of art


the pictures in this bit of the dream were as fine a collection of fine-art as iv'e ever seen


delicately, extremely detailed, colour and black and white


notes 1


there may or may not be a connection to the water-theme sequences in this dream but when i woke up my mouth was drier than other times when iv'e woke up with a dry mouth




vividness: 4.1


the stand-out part of the dream: the colour of the label on the bottle of water


the category of the dream: externalised () an observer in the art-work sequence and a participant in the other scenes - category of dream: externalised () vividness: 4.1 for the art pictures and 3.7 for the interview sequence and 3.5 for the other two scenes - the quality of the dream: 3.8 overall