second dream

the name of a dream

a flying nightmare

making my way through an area in suburbia

the road was wide enough to have three cars on it

in the second scene, a flying insect caught my attention

in the third scene, the flying insect was closer

in the fourth scene, the insect was closer still and i could make out it had two pairs of wings, like a dragonfly but it had a black body

in the fourth scene, it was even closer still, about three or four metres and now i could see its black body was segmented

in the final scene, the flying insect had zeroed in on me and was right in my face, within a metre, and i could make out all of its detail

it was at least a third of a metre long, its body had five segments and there was no doubt it was a predator

it hovered, ready to attack

i kept still, didn't blink and the dream ended

notes 1

in the early stages of life on land, there were dragonflies the size of eagles


vividness 3.3 - participant - the category of the dream: animal () insect ()  dragonfly (1)