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the name of the dream

the lengths women will go to


aliens have landed and people have gone into hiding


a group of about twenty of us have holed up in an abandoned building the size of a dowling alley


in the next scene three or four girls join us and explain that the aliens are choosing couples who can copulate continually to join them


one of the newcomers wants me to be her partner and find out if we could maintain conjoinment continually


there was an air of futility to it but at least we would be enjoying our lives


the girl i was with couldn't go on after a couple of hours and one of the girls that had come with her took her place


it was while i was with her that it occurred to me i hadn't actually seen an alien or a alien spaceship and the whole alien thing was a ruse concocted by nymphomanics


it was while i was going through the motions of x with the second girl (externalised dream) that i woke out of the dream


notes 1


i completely misinterpreted the original entry




vividness 3.2 to 3.4




the category of the dream x dream ()


second dream


the name of the dream

health and fitness


again as with the previous theme, there was a singular measure of a persons standing in society... their fitness


one exercise, in particular, was used as the yardstick to measure the health of a person... pull-up's behind the neck


i went down a flight of stairs in a spacious open-plan building and at the bottom of the stairs was a pull-up bar


anyone who went down the stairs was expected to use it


it meant having to jump up to grab hold of it a step or two before the bottom of the stairs


people stopped and watched if someone was using it


i found the first two times i found it difficult and knew people watching thought i was sub-healthy


on the third time, i found that thrusting my chest out allowed me to bring other muscle groups into play and made the exercise easier


in the last scene, i had full and glistening muscles in those parts of the body employed by the exercise




vividness 3.2 to 3.5




the category of the dream muscularity (2)