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the name of the dream

blow the blow, i got the girl


the dream starts in someone's living room


the place looked more like a squat than rented accommodation


there was a couple of lounge chairs but that was it


of the half dozen or so people in the room, three were sitting on the floor and another was sitting on the arm of one of the chairs


i was standing


my reason for being there was to "score" some weed


in the next scene, i had about an eighth of green and put "one" together


it was rubbish


everyone was smoking it though and there was ne'er a muttering of complaint from anyone, they actually seemed to be getting "off" on it


i looked at the fella who had got it and he had a false smile on his face and we both knew it was weaker than wet straw


went to the bathroom


to get to the bathroom meant going through the room where people slept


there were two mattresses on the floor


one person was asleep and a girl who was awake got to her feet when i walked in


she was wearing an above the knee dress and the hem had five or six saw-teeth cuts evenly spaced around it


she stood just inches away from me and was tapping my shoulder and resting her hand here and there as she was gesticulating while talking


in the next scene, we have our arms around each other and are swaying slightly as though smooching to a song


i suggested we go to her place or my place but she didn't reply


within seconds of dream-time, i said "we'll be more comfortable at my place" and she said "we can do it here"


the circumstances weren't ideal but i'd got the girl


blow the blow


notes 1


the girl in this dream is fresh in the awake-time conscious


she may have been in a film or is someone i met in the last few years and made an impression on me


notes 2


some people do get a "high" from ultra weak grass


i got about 5lbs of it from a plant i'd grown


gave it away


one girl had about 2lbs of it and the next time i saw her she still had most of it and was aglow with gratitude




vividness 3.1 to 3.3 - participant - the category of the dream - drugs () grass () and female () relationships ()