name of dream:

an echo of christmas


a brief acquaintance from the past turned up out of the blue at about this time of year


he was in a subdued frame of mind, i got the impression he had turned to me reluctantly or at someone else's behest


he spent most of the day with me


during that time i was assessing what would be of most use to him and getting things ready for him to take with him when he went


he never asked for any money and i never thought of offering him any


i couldn't get over how subdued he was


like a man who had accepted a fate he didn't want


whatever it was that was preoccupying him it didn't lessen, on the contrary


my last sight of him, which troubled me, was of him turning the wrong way out of the door which led to a brick wall


it was if a brick wall was more inviting than an open path


as laden as he was with gifts and useful items the burden he was carrying was greater by far




time-tense 6 or 7


qod 3.2


qos 4






had thought of him a few times over the last few days