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the name of the dream

the modern vintage bike


was surfing the net when i came across a bicycle made from modern materials but had a vintage look to it and it captured my imagination


the bike had a basket on the front and a basket on the back


the triangular frame had a light metal alloy green plate which filled the gap between the tubes of the frame


the pedals were thick and the bike itself looked "chunky" although the weight of the bike was the same as the bike i have in awake-time (one of those bikes you can lift with your little finger)


the person selling the bike was asking one-thousand pounds but was prepared to take my bike in exchange for the one being sold


the end of the dream was me in a state of dejection as i realised that swapping my bike for the advertised one was a monumental blunder


the bike i now owned didn't have any gears (the bike i had to start with had twenty-seven gears) which effectively made it "unfit for purpose"


to get the performance of my original bike from this new vintage-look bike would mean having to spend more than the value of both the bikes combined


the longer the last scene of the dream lasted, the more depressed i became


it was a relief to wake up and find i'd had been having a bad dream


notes 1


the previous day's experience's which caused this dream are clearly remembered




vividness 3.2 to 3.3 - participant - the category of the dream: bicycles (1 ?)