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second sleep


name of dream: see category of dreams


this was the longest-ever montage


the images in the montage were not that varied considering the length of the montage (five minutes plus)


mostly they were cartoon figures and settings and mainly they were rich-pastel colours


two or three times during the montage the sequence of images and actions stopped for two or three seconds but a relaxed determination got them flowing again


i was thinking as the images and actions went on and on that, a person could quite easily spend a whole day doing it


more than once i tried, without any success, to impose new themes into the sequence


here's the new thing... this montage contained three dreams


part-way through watching the montage, i slipped into dream-time three different times


the first time it was with a woman, the second was with a dog and the third was of myself explaining and describing to another person that i was experiencing a montage


the last dream in the montage...


we were in a small room with a window that was three-quarters of the wall


he moved to the window and looked out and i said "i'm not seeing what your seeing"


he nodded and i went on "as i'm talking to you i am seeing pastel-coloured cartoon figures and actions"


he said "yes, you said the export order for liverpool is here"


those words weren't in any part of the montage sequence and i said "now i can see two fat elderly people, a woman and a man who are looking daggers at each other


the dirty looks they were giving each other were straight out of a cartoon and i could hear myself chuckling every time there was a slight variation of their expressions


so now it was an externalised dream within a montage !


it is also a new category of dream-time conscious: a narration of a dream as it is happening


the second dream within the montage was of a dog which wanted to approach me but was weary


i squeezed my lips together and made a kiss sound and the dog moved forward a little


after three times of doing that, i was stroking the dog and it was relaxed


in the next scene, it was a different dog


the new dog was a gold-cum-sandy-coloured and its mouth was open and its tongue was lolling out of its mouth in the way dogs do when they are too warm


we were looking out of a window and we were in a moving vehicle, i think it was a train


the third dream within this montage was of a woman


can't remember hardly anything of this dream except it was of a woman; probably because it was the first dream within the montage and so much happened after this dream


the category of the dream: alternating between dreams and montage (1) and narrated dream: (1)

first sleep, the first dream


name of dream: seriously sexy curvature


same lady as one of the lady's in yesterday's x dream


we were both unclothed, standing and with mounting anticipation pulling each other lightly into one another


our heads were side by side and our ears were touching


i looked down during this part of the embrace and as i was looking down the sight of the curvature of her body from her neck down and along the spine and back out again to the peak of the protrusion of her buttock's sent my senses reeling


i was at bursting point


the sight of the colour of her skin and the sweeping curves of her back was a top-flight x visualisation




category: x dream (32)


vividness: 4.7