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the name of the dream: caveman technology, caveman tactics


the setting for this dream is in an era when there aren't any of the mod-cons that we have... fridges, cars, mobile phones, t.v.... but there were flying machines albeit made of crude natural materials like rock and clothes made of hemp


there was, however, plenty of skulduggery, deceit, and the acquisition of wealth and people-control by violent methods


two brutus-type agents of the controlling clique were trying to get me to reveal how it was i was making so much money


i knew what was happening and was trying to confuse them by getting complicated about the way i did it


i had to be careful, if they thought i was holding back information or worse still misleading them they would resort to torture


they were undoubtedly going to kill me anyway as soon as they got the information but they knew if they killed me without getting what they wanted it would be the worse for them


we were flying through the sky in a craft made of rock and there was a rock-computer in front of me


the keyboard had about fifteen keys on it and i was telling one of the agents what to type in


the "computer" didn't have a screen or any leads coming or going from it


it did do something though because there was the sound of something mechanical happening every time a key was pressed


it struck me as being a toy abacus


then it occurred to me it wasn’t doing anything at all but it was meant to fool me into thinking it was so it would get me to reveal my methodology


the two men were trying to fool me into thinking it could send messages


again i had to be careful, if i said something which let them know they weren't fooling me they would use force


after two or three pretend attempts to make contact i said "we're not going to get through on this. the communications network must be out of order"


the thugs had no conception of the phrase communications network and they were getting frustrated


it would be so much easier to use force


the dream came to an end




cause of the dream: thoughts during the day




the quality of the dream: 3


the quality of the sleep: 3.4


the category of the dream: flying/falling (10 ?)


notes 1


as you may be aware, this website maintains that everything which happens in dreams is something that has happened in awake-time


to make sense of the details in this dream we have to bring into our thinking the idea of undulations


after we do, things which don't make any sense start to assemble themselves


it is necessary to realise for instance that disentangling beings who have allowed themselves to become life-takers from those who have become oriented to reality (go out of their way to make sure they don't take a life) goes way, way back


notes 2


before making this entry i tried to find a u.f.o. sighting i came across a year ago in which the craft looked like it was made of rock to give this entry credibility but couldn't find it


also, there was a young man i was talking to for a few weeks a year ago who told me about the times he was abducted


during one of our conversations i asked him for details of the craft and it all sounded plausible until he said the craft was made of rock


who was it who said "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy"