the name of the dream

smooth driving

it was evening and i was in an urgent hurry, don't know what the emergency is

the back of a white car catches my attention

a prolonged look tells me it is a "roller"

my opportunistic thieving instincts kick in and i decide to check it out

yep, the keys are in it

i'd never driven a roller but the ease of the power steering was so much better and easier than i thought it would be and the punch of a seven-litre engine put it into dream territory

the problem with a car like that is you can be doing a hundred without feeling that you're speeding

the car had manual gearing and i soon discovered i only needed to use two of the gears

it wasn't so much driving as flying on a flat

the acceleration and the braking power allowed manoeuvring that other cars  didn't have

there were a couple of times when i made mistakes which would have caused a police car to chase after me but the instant pick up to a fast speed got me away from the scene

it made driving a joyous experience

there was one person i knew, an awake-time second-hand car dealer from thirty years ago, who might be interested

i knew he had moved from the last place he lived but i went there on the off-chance the new residents would know where he had moved to, they did

i should have known a flashy car like that would draw attention and that's what it did and was that was the start of the problems

the people who were now living where my ex-buddy used to live were a family of about ten

two or three youngsters came to the door to and when they saw the car they started making noises of disbelief and excitement, most of the rest of the family soon appeared

they knew where the person i was looking for lived, it was within a hundred metres of where we were

three or four of the family were at the destination when i got there

i rang the door-bell

my contact was in and he gave a quick look at the car and invited me in

we went upstairs where three or four of his friends were playing cards at a big round table

i only wanted a quick giveaway deal of a hundred pounds worth of "leb"

he told me to go back outside and he would be down in a jiffy

i went back outside and my anxiousness came back when i saw about twenty people milling around

the car had become the biggest thing in their lives

my one-time business mate re-appeared with two packets of soft, fresh leb

there were about three ounces in each packet (definitely a past-tense dream)

in an effort to keep the gathered people on my side i handed out one of the packets of leb which had been cut into about five or six strips

i gave about a quarter of a stick to each of the people who looked to be above a certain age and that made them happy

then one person, who probably felt he should have been given more than he got said out loud "i know you, you're j*** ********"

his body language and the way he said it told me it was a threat

i said something like "if you mention me to anyone i'll be coming to see you"

the dream ended here and i was thinking as it ended that it had been a mistake to make threats

my anxiety was still lingering upon waking

notes 1

fairly sure the anxiety in this dream stems from thoughts about how to solve the problem of a certain country during the day


 notes 1