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the name of the dream: two women, ice-cream and a car with a two-tap petrol tank


it was evening time and i was out and about with a local man


we went into a shop to buy an ice-cream but the shop didn't have any


the local chappie enquired if he could buy a car with two petrol tanks


we went into another shop


the shop did have ice-cream

and again, the local man asked about buying a car which must have two taps for the petrol


i asked him why a car needed two taps and he said something about it helping the car to keep its value


there were two women in the shop who were interested in us joining forces for the evening


the local man was hesitant, he had a girlfriend


i didn't and it looked like i would have to go with the women on my own


someone suggested the pictures


the women were happy and agreed as long as we ended back up at their place


the dream ended there


notes 1


yet another dream when the thoughts and circumstances of the dream merged with awake-time thoughts


i had tied-in the thoughts and circumstances of the dream with awake-time thoughts and memories before realising they were two different conscious states


it is becoming clearer that the two different conscious states are linked


dream memories and awake-time memories are to be associated with one another in the same way we associate events we witness and which become memories as being the same as the memories of events we participated in


it is becoming indisputable, the two different conscious states are linked




vividness: 3.2


the category of the dream: awareness dreaming (1)


location 3 (windmill road)