the name of a dream


after climbing up three or four flights of stairs i went through a door onto the roof of a building

what appeared to be a roof party at first glance soon turned into something a lot more serious

about fifteen people were attacking each other

it then became clear they weren't just fighting each other but were mutilating each other

the distorted features of those doing the attacking told me they were cannibalistic zombies

there were a couple of scenes of wanton brutality and the dream went from observer to participant

one of the bigger ghouls saw me and came towards me

as in the films of zombies, those unaffected could move faster than those who were affected and i managed to get away

the places where i could run to were limited and the direction i chose led me onto an adjoining roof where more of the same type of killing was taking place

i still had another place to flee to but the dream ended before i had to use it

there was another two or three-scened dream about taking the bark off a tree after the zombie dream


vividness 2.8 - observer and participant - the category of the dream: zombies/ghouls (1)