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first dream


the name of the dream



despite the uncompromising stance this website takes toward beings who chose not to join with love/life the recognition of the loss it produces, does, on occasions, reduce love/life to tears


once a being has chosen not to join with love/life it becomes a non-remedial circumstance


the lover deals with it by placing himself in the position of experiencing the final stages of non-existence alongside those beings


you and i will, now and then, find ourselves dwelling on the ramifications to both parties


the emotion which accompanies the realisation of the loss this brings to love/life was the origin of tears




vividness 3.2 - participant - the category of the dream: the mistake ()


second dream


the name of the dream

the photographic studio


the letting agent or sub-letting agent was eager to let the room and was agreeing with everything i said


it was a first-floor office and the letting agent was giving me the go-ahead to drill holes in the wall and have discreet parties among other things


it was obvious he needed to unload the tenancy agreement onto someone as a matter of urgency and i was his life-line


he was almost breaking out in a sweat


still, it suited my requirements and of course, he was absolutely certain when i asked him if it was big enough to be a photo studio he dismissed the idea of it not being big enough with a derisory gesture




vividness 3.3 - participant - the category of the dream: business () photography ()


the vividness of the dream indicates the degree of likeliness that the content of the dream will occur in a future awake-time Time-Tense


participant means it is something you have experienced


to be an observer in a dream means it is something you have witnessed


the category of the dream is for evaluation and reference