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the name of the dream

bananas in maple syrup


this dream was set in canada


there was a sombre air to the dream to begin with as it was expected that the dreamer would want to set a serious tone to his visit


there were important issues to be dealt with but the moment was hijacked by the need to be appreciative of life and enrich it with music


a castanet and/or a very soft brushing of a cymbal set the tempo


the dreamer began softly repeating a three-word mantra in synchronisation with the rythymn


the people in the dream picked up on what the dreamer was doing and began to improvise


within a few scenes the song had become a rousing subtlety and longer it went on the more it lifted the soul


the feelings it produced would influence the decisions when working on the serious issues


the song was still building to its peak when the theme of the dream changed to a man driving a mobility scooter


he was deliriously happy


so much so it lifted the heart and produced more feelings for an appreciation of life but without the connotation of beauty the song contained


notes 1


the thoughts and feelings and sights and sounds during the day which produced the scenes for this dream are clearly remembered and it's quite possible that the order of the scenes in the dream follow the same order of the thoughts, feelings, sights and sounds as they occurred during the day


notes 2


the melody and a description of the structure of the song is being witheld


the dreamer is going to try and reconstruct the song in the dream in awake-time




vividness 3.7 - participant - the category of the dream: music () canada (1)