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the name of the dreams

aggrieved and happiness


am in a prison where a visitor has the visit in the prisoner's cell


mother was visiting me and the person who shared the cell was in the dream also


within a few seconds of dream-time of my mother being in the dream a notorious badass entered the cell and went to the far end of the cell and slouched into a semi-lying position at the pillow-end of the bed mother was standing by


he was an awake-time lad from senior school days and he was a genuinely fearless person


on one occasion he took on the second toughest boy at school who was also another fearless and bigger boy who knocked him down about five times but he kept on getting up


whatever other characteristics he had you had to respect his dogged determination not to be beaten


he knew that my mother would have brought treats for me and it was reasonable in his mind that he should be part of someone's generosity


i woke up feeling frustrated


within half a minute had fallen back to sleep and the next dream washed away the undesirable feelings in the previous dream


had just boarded a bus and immediately to my left was a baby boy of eight or ten weeks in a pram


the moment our eyes made contact he went into an open-mouthed broad smile and he stretched out his hand to touch me


it was my own baby boy who had featured in a dream from three days before which had contained good feelings




prison dream


vividness 3.1/2 - participant - the category of the dream: prison () closed () mother (1)


bus dream


vividness 3.4/5 - participant - babies () son (2)