name of dream:

strictly adult


first thing, if you're a parent with youngsters this website is out of bounds for them from here on in


the dream...


was watching a sporting event i had downloaded from the net when part-way through it another video started to play


i was a bit annoyed at first (a bit of malware has infected the computer and ads are hijacking just about every page i visit)


it was x material and so i took a few seconds to look at it


and then began what was the longest-ever run of a montage sequence


it totalled dozens and dozens, quite possibly a hundred and fifty, and then something happened which has never hapened before... i was able to rewind or go back and look at a previous image/sequence


the image/sequences rolled on and they were as varied a bunch of x scenes as i've ever seen


at one point in the flow of images and sequences (the length of time of the images/sequences varied between one second and a quarter of a second of dream time) the detail of the visuals became too dark to see clearly


amidst this deluge of image/sequences, there was a half of one second of a still image with the words

"stryker presents..."


the montage continued...


the pictures were going by so quickly now some of them were just impressions


then the words "what's the second greatest pleasure" appeared momentarily


then more sequences


then again "what's the second greatest pleasure"


and still the seemingly endless run of

image-visuals kept on coming


then again for a third time, another message appeared which read "styrker and...(can't remember the name) presents..."


by now i was wondering what it could be referring to


i thought it was going to say bestial x or anal x or child x


as the imaging continued a long message showed which had too many words on it to read in an instant


i began to think-Think-Read it (it was the most difficult message i've had to think-read for quite a few months)


as the slogan appeared time after time (it appeared briefly about seven times) i managed a word or two here and one word there between the movie/sequences and, with the new faculty of replay, eventually managed to string the sentence together


it read "the second most pleasurable thing is the act of murder or the accomplishment of killing"


and then began a stream of moving and still images of various types of murder of both sexes of all ages


i think all of them were acts of individuals being killed, no pairs or groups




the time-tense for this dream is an and/or for 5, 6 and 7


qod 2.7


qos 4.1






the computer playing up


thoughts about the dream referred to in notes 1 of the second dream of the the entry of 27112017


and, of course, women


notes 1


this website is going to keep reminding its readers... dreams are comprised of actual events


notes 2


you've only got to remember the atrocities i.s.i.s performed when they began running amok (drugs, the group/clique mentality, weapons and a wad of money will turn a

testosterone-fuelled young man dissatisfied with life into becoming murderer) to realise just how easy it is to do and how recently it was, to believe that this dream is founded in fact