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the name of the dream

the stretch taxi


it was around pub-closing time and was headed back home about two miles away


was feeling hungry decided to get a taxi to the nearest indian takeaway to where i lived and walk the rest of the way


don't remember phoning for a taxi but in the next scene i am climbing into the passenger seat of a taxi next to the driver


as i got into the taxi i saw there were two more sets of seats behind the front seat and they were occupied with females and males, so now there are six of us in the taxi


in the next scene of the dream, the taxi is stopped and the drivers seat is empty


someone opens the door next to me, gets in, and pushes me into the drivers seat, so now i'm going to be doing the driving


i look back at the passengers and see there are two more seats at the back with two women in them, so now there are eight in the taxi


by now the original feeling of hunger at the beginning of the dream has become the dominant aspect of the dream and i wake up with a craving for a curry meal and begin making plans to order a takeaway later on in the day


notes 1


this dream is obviously a composition of different Time-Tenses (as are many of our dreams)


that the dream-time conscious can string together experiences from different time-tenses across Undulations indicates just how powerful, and useful, this emerging faculty will be when we start using it as it is intended to be used