name of dream: into the heart of postulate 1


the significance of this dream lies in both its location and time-tense


the time-tense underpins the efforts of love/life across many Undulations which encapsulates the present of the present undulation (time-tense 5)


the location in the dream is not a location which exists in time-tense 5


this dream exemplifies the endeavours of love/life and epitomises or sums-up the trials and tribulations we are currently experiencing and will continue to experience for many undulations to come at this point in time


this dream has a slightly oppressive feel to it


the oppression in the dream reflects a limit of love/lifes capacity to indulge devolutionary trends and practises at the expense evolutionary trends and practises


your attention is drawn to the despairing life feels as it brings to a close those circumstances which permit death-outcome realities as it "closes down or shuts off" to an even greater degree the opportunity's for beings with Death-Outcome Assertions to practice being themselves


the dream itself had four or five scenes


the most relevant one is where the dreamer is running at a sustainable pace from place to place delivering a message


running in the dream occupied most of the dream




time-tense: 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9


qod 3.2


qos 3.6




vividness 3.4




second dream (second sleep)



name of dream:

dream-state mate 1


got a text from a girl whose phone text-name was "boys from brazil"


the text read... "where can i find you ?"




time-tense: 5


qod 3.4


qos 3.4


p/o ?


vividness 3.4


stand-out moment


as the dream ended and it was realised it was a "follow-on dream"


notes 1


the original dream took place in a large and crowded bed and breakfast, there may not have been a breakfast


i was going from room to room, opening each door and calling out a name, can't remember the name i was calling out


one of the doors opened into a single room


in the room was a girl sitting on a bed next to a window


she looked lonely


i went and sat next to her and she responded to my presence by leaning into me


x followed but i felt it was done with too much haste and we both felt it was unsatisfactory or could/should have been better


i took her number and remembered her phone name because it was unusual


the name she was using was also the name of a film which didn't have any connection to her or us which i could associate with it


notes 2


this dream is a continuation of a dream from the second or third of this month


it wasn't made an entry because the original dream was an x dream


with so many people on the receiving end of the realities brought into being by those with death-outcome assertions in their souls (currently eighteen thousand children each day) it occurred to the writer that his x dreams are, to a person who is suffering, inappropriate


however, this dream is a new variation within the dream-state and needs to be placed on the record


notes 3


with the trillions upon trillions of variations of experiences contained within all undulations so far enacted it shouldn't be a surprise to realise that there will appear to be an endless variety of new experiences waiting to be tapped into within both the dream-state and the awake-state


the reader needs to bear in mind that the experiences of undulations are finite


the point that experiences with finite values become bland within the context of eternity has been made elsewhere


it is though, an important point and the experiences of undulations should be marked by the individual as something which is nothing other than the means to an end


that being said the experiences we will be enacting throughout this undulation are/have been tailored to be the run-up leading to the forever newness embodied in straight-line action and our experiences throughout this undulation can be considered as part of the conditioning or preparation we have to undergo to acclimatise ourselves to eternity