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the name of the dream

the website

had been developing my website for some while but was still discovering and experimenting

in one of the scenes, i had left lots of blank lines between the top half of the text and where the new text began again

the blank spaces were big enough to contain two or more pages of text

in the next or another scene, i was reading an email from the providers (wordpress) of the website

their programmers had discovered a new and significant way of utilising a page with large gaps or spaces between the text with a new feature

they had got the idea as a direct result of coming across my website with the large gaps between passages of text

they were so pleased with the possibilities it had opened up the letter told me i could have any and every feature that was or would be available for their products and i could have as many pages and .com names as i wanted for free, for life


vividness 3.4 - participant - the category of the dream: innovation (7 ?) (internet 3 ?) wordpress (1)