name of dream: extremes of societies


was found guilty of not paying a bill


the sentence was death


after the sentence had been passed and the convicted person left the courtroom the sentence was automatically made into a life sentence


the next scene was a busy reception where people were re-sentenced again


there were dozens and dozens of people in the reception area who had been sentenced that day


there were three men in a cage who looked apprehensive and angry


the looked like they could be mudrerers


the latest sentences were given out to people at a glass-partitioned office and everything was happening fast



sentences were being reduced from life in prison to various amounts of years in prison to months in prison to community work to fines...


i ended up with three months in prison




time-tense: this seems more likely to be a future tense than a past tense


qod 3


qos 3.6category of dream: prison dream (20)




vividness: 3.4


cause of the dream: probably the continuing thoughts of today's injustices


notes 1


the shock value of the extreme penalty... hmm


devolution starts with a relatively minor thought containing injustice for someone


see 'death-outcome assertions