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the name of the dream

good contact

this dream was either in london or amsterdam

a person said he would introduce me to someone who would supply me with the hash

when we got to the house there were two people there

the chap who was going to supply me had an extremely interesting persona about him

he had light-brown skin, slightly portly, a deep smooth voice, an engaging personality and was totally at ease

his relaxed manner could be a character borne of years of being "laid back" but it struck me as being a natural trait

he was only too prepared to give me what i wanted on a regular basis

i bought it there and then, smoked some with him and was walking away from his flat on a double high in the last scene


the stand-out part of the dream: the supplier's personality

fourth dream

the name of the dream: frog-being

same location as the third dream

am walking along when a sound catches my attention

looking at where the sound come from didn't show anything

a second time the sound was louder but still nothing which looked like it could have made the sound

by now i was standing still so i could zero in on where the sound was coming from

when it sounded again i located the position of the sound but still nothing which told me where to look

the fourth time the sound occurred a slight bit of movement was visible from where the sound was

i moved closer and could now see the movement of the breathing of the animal

it was a light shade of deep green, half the size of a golf ball and its eyes were visible

if i had to describe it in one word i would say it was a frog

but when i picked it up it obviously wasn't your typical frog

first off, it was closer to being round than any other shape

it didn't have anything that looked like legs

where it limbs should have been there was small bits of flesh that didn't look like they could move it or support it

when it made another sound i picked it up

as i was looking at it its mouth opened and a sound with two syllables came out

it was trying to say something !

whatever the meaning of the sound, it didn't convey anything to me

two more times the frog-thing made noises and still, absolutely nothing suggested itself

then, completely out of the blue and out of character with its demure posture the frog-being gave out a shout-scream which lasted, like the other sound-dream a few days ago, for a full two seconds

the sound had a bass resonance which filled my head and left no room for anything other than the sound to exist between my ears

but the thing was, the sound was completely recognisable as a sound only a human being could make

i realised immediately this animal, if that's what it was, had intelligence

i was focused on looking at it and ready to really try to understand what is what trying to get me to understand

twice more it made the captivating human sound

each time the characteristic of the human quality of the sound became more pronounced

it would be possible to understand what it was trying to say eventually but it would take dozens and dozens of attempts

the frog-like being, i would swear to, could read my mind and jumped out of my hand

i picked it up, it made the mesmerising sound again and then jumped out of my hand again

i wasn't ready for it, yet

notes 1

if this dream is leading to where i think it may be leading to then the frog-being should feature in another dream

notes 2

this is the second dream within this week where the sound of the dream was the stand-out part of the dream

and both times the sound reverberated through my being

the third dream

at the start of this dream i mentioned the frog to the man in this dream

he was familiar with it and knew the name of the species and laughed slightly when he mentioned it

the man worked for a financial trading company

i had spoken to him on the phone and he told me to drop in and see him and he would explain what is was i didn't understand in a couple of minutes

he was really friendly

i think he gave me some text to read or he was explaining what it was that i didn't understand which caused this regular dream to become me a think-read dream

the think-reading became simple to put together

it became so easy it was possible to anticipate the text six. seven or eight words ahead of the last word formed

basically, it was two or three sentences that explained the grey areas of the graph

there were marker-positions on the graph which indicated, according to where the markers combined and became brighter or fainter shades of red and green, if it was a safe-buy with a good probability of making a profit or if it was a less than probable of the likelihood of being a success or if it was a possible or probable loss by looking at the markers and lines on the screen

two or three times as i was reading the explanation the description of the marker-graph became an image

category of dream: think-read dream with images (1)

notes 1

the think-reading in this think-dream was as easy to read as would be the writing of any new or unfamiliar text that had graphics in it

can it be presumed that think-read dreams which contain pictorial descriptions will as a matter of course automatically produce images as the description of the images in the text are dread ?

notes 2

another thing... as the images in the text were being formed there was a noticeable shift from the dream-conscious to awake-conscious

the merging of consciousnesses continues at a pace

second dream

name of dream: jumper

twilight-time in  coventry

it was located where the odeon cinema is or was (you can google-earth it)

was in a sky-high mood and was jumping as i was walking

the jumps  weren't hop, skip and a jump type of jumps, the jumps put real distance between the ground and my feet

no one else was doing it so i presume the gravity-defying heights of most of the jumps were part of my mood or perhaps latent abilities coming through

no one was startled, on the contrary, people were enjoying watching the display and their broad teeth-smiles encouraged me to do more of the same

an african male who looked to be in his early twenties started to speak to me so i stopped jumping

we spoke for a few sentences and he said we should go back to his place

i was in too good a mood to disappoint anyone so i agreed

within a few steps he had clasped my right arm between his left arm and torso and had a firm grip of my right hand with his left hand and when i tried to jump he used his right hand as well which stopped me from being able to jump but i could still skip

he didn't seem to mind the skipping but his vice-like hold on me told me he had become possessive

a possessiveness which became more and more accentuated through his tone of voice and it gradually dawned on me he intended to keep me as a pet, or even worse, a slave

it wasn't going to be hard to break free of his grip and i was weighing up whether to give him a hard or soft jolt back to reality when the dream ended

notes 1

every ethnicity has a proportion of devolving beings

it's too early in evolution to say whether any one of the ethnicities has a greater or lesser number of devolving beings than another or if there is an almost exact balance, so don't let your prejudices sway your opinion

first dream

the name of the dream: the first day of business

had finally put together an awake-time pet project

if it was the success there would be the scope for huge expansion which could easily end up employing ten's of thousands of people

a team of ten or twelve of us were checking every aspect of what was to be the first day of business the following day

we were wearing the clothes we would be wearing on the first day of business; basically, it was a dress rehearsal which doubled up as preparation

one of the team was a small man from eastern europe who was the "quietly efficient" type

a native british man asked, "why are there two packets of brown sugar ?"

the eastern european man said, "i thought it would help if we had an extra one of as many different of items we would be using regularly and have essential information of the product, quality, weight, cost... and compare them to the same product in the future".

whether he realised or not it also meant that anyone and everyone would be able to check and make sure that every product we used and which was a repeat-purchase was the best value-for-money product on the market at that time and it also meant that there were would be no room for embezzlement

a man who was responsible for maintaining an ongoing repeat purchase said jokingly "i hope he doesn't do that with me"

i jumped in, "it's a good idea. do it with everybody. including me"

we had all agreed that the following day's business would start at seven-thirty a.m. and it would give us ample time to make any adjustments and improvisations for oversight's

the first contact with our client was scheduled for nine

the next scene was the following morning and i had just woke

i looked at the clock next to the bed; it was twenty-past eight

a feeling of panic flooded through me

i was due to meet the clients and begin my part of the business venture at nine o clock which meant i would need to be there at least ten minutes before to demonstrate i could be ahead of schedule if needs be

the place i had to be wasn't too far away but neither was it within walking distance

i had to consider getting someone who should be doing their job to break their schedule and come and get me

could i run it in time ?

first thing's first: wash, dress and shave

forget about breakfast, that was a pipe-dream

the thought of why somebody hadn't knocked on the door or phoned me kept on going through my mind

that no one had contacted me might mean that others had slept in too

the day was turning into a disaster

in a way, all the future plans for the business revolved around this first day's appointment

it would set the tone and it was on a downward slope

a feeling that something was wrong began welling up in me and it caused me to wake up

i looked at the wall clock

it was just after four a.m.