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the name of the dream: train with spacious seating


we were four men on a train


we had the carriage to ourselves and the window where we sat was as big as a living-room window


we were sitting on the right-hand side in the middle of the carriage


the table projected a little more than a metre into the carriage and was about half as wide


we had plenty of space to move about


the table was covered with a white cloth


we were talking, although what we were talking about doesn't come to mind


the scene changed: two of us were at another table on the opposite side of the carriage and sitting next to the door adjoining the carriages


the other two men had also changed their seats and were now at the furthest point away from us and seated on the same side of the aisle as when the dream started


we were about to be served a meal


we had to have one table for the two of us as it was going to be an extravagant meal and we would need a lot of surface area


in the third scene, there is food on the table and i am talking to the waiter about what drink to have


the dream ends here




time-tense: - future tense, possibly time-tense 2,

depending what happens over the next twenty years or one thousand years




category of the dream: passenger on a train (7)


vividness: 3.7


the quality of the dream: - 3.7


the quality of the sleep: 3.5