the name of the dream

the cracked building

in the first scene, i am on my own in a building with a high ceiling

the walls, floors and ceiling are made of granite and there is a smooth pillar about half a metre in width

in the next scene, i notice a fine crack in the floor

following the crack with my eyes showed that it ran from my feet to the wall three metres to my right

likewise, to my left, the crack went a metre from where i stood to the wall on my left

the crack ran up the walls on both sides of the narrow room to where the pillar connected to the ceiling

the crack that ran up the wall to my left exposed a sizeable portion of the wall underneath

in my hand, i had a walking stick with a solid rubber tip (the same as the one i am using at the moment)

i lifted the end of the walking stick and stabbed into where the crack on the left was greatest

in the next scene, i am talking to the curator of the building and he is explaining that the building has been restored and the cracks were the last of the details that had to be corrected to get the building back to its original state

in the next scene, there is a girl with me and we are walking slowly and close together through another part of the building

my own physical state and the girl's unconfident manner makes me realise we are in a convalescent home

the girl wants to be more than just friends with me but i am reluctant to get involved with someone when i don't know what it is that ails her

still, there's no harm in letting her know that i like her so i put my arm through hers and hold her hand

occasionally, as we are walking, i say a few words

the last scene, the girl and I are relaxed and walking casually arm in arm

 notes 1

that this dream has an object in it that i am currently using (a walking stick), and the vividness of the dream, tells me this dream is a present or future time-tense

probably Time-Tense 4


vividness 3.3 to 3.8 - participant - the category of the dream: greek architecture (1) girl/boy ()